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2018 QB Rankings

Let’s take a look at the Quarterback situations heading into training camp for each of the 32 teams. Below are our rankings at Quarterback heading into 2018:

32: Sam Bradford/Josh Rosen

The Cardinals have the worst QB situation in the league. Sam Bradford has become a pinball between franchises and Josh Rosen will be chomping at the bit to see the field. It’ll be fun to see how this plays out in training camp.

31: Josh Allen

Reports out of camp say Josh Allen is coming along very well. Being added to a playoff team from a year ago has him set up for the most success out of the rookies in 2018.

30: Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill missed all of 2017 due to injury, but even when available he’s been the same QB since he entered the league. He doesn’t wow you in any category and is consistently below average with the weapons he’s had.

29: Tyrod Taylor/Baker Mayfield

Tyrod has been brought in as the starter but is clearly not the long-term answer. He’ll be replaced within 6 weeks and Mayfield will take over. Of the rookie QB situations, the Browns rank highest because both have the ability to play well.

28: Jets QBs

The Jets have a better situation of the unknown than the known in Miami. Darnold may not start the season but is obviously the Jets long-term plan. With McCown and Bridgewater on the roster as well, they’ll have someone ready to go.

27: Mitchell Trubisky

Trubisky is set to take a big jump in production after the Bears added protection and weapons for him this upcoming season.

26: Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes didn’t take any meaningful snaps last season but you can see he’s ready to take on the starting role. It’ll be fun to watch his development this season.

25: Andy Daulton

You get production out of Daulton, but it’s typically not enough to be competitive in the AFC North. He’s a lower end starter who benefits from very good offensive weapons around him.

24: Joe Flacco

Flacco is likely nearing the end of his career or at least his tenure in Baltimore. He tied his second-lowest QB rating in his career last season and is a lower half of the league QB right now.

23: Case Keenum

Keenum had a magical season and got paid for doing so. He’s proven that he can be a starter in this league, but do not expect Keenum to ever match the stats he put up last year.

22: Blake Bortles 

This may be an unfair ranking after the Jags were on the brink of making it to the Super Bowl, but even Jacksonville is not sold on Bortles. He needs to come up big again this year and continue to improve his skill set because he does not have the pure talent of those ranked ahead of him.

21: Jameis Winston

It is safe to say to this point, it has not clicked for Winston and the Bucs. With a very good cast of receivers and his college pedigree, many expected more. Stuck in possibly the toughest division in the NFL, you appreciate his leadership and competitiveness but need to see winning results now.

20: Eli Manning

Eli is still a viable QB in this league and will likely improve on 2017 now that his receiving core is healthy again. He’s listed 20 as he becomes a year older and coming off a bad season. However, with a new offensive line and stud RB, Eli could easily jump into the top 12 like we’ve seen during his good years.

19: Alex Smith

Smith would likely be rated higher if not for a trade to a new team. Say what you want about game management, we saw a different Alex Smith last year making big plays and pushing the ball down the field. 

18: Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy G was on fire in the second half of the season and looks to have a bright future in San Francisco. With a small sample size, there isn’t much tape on him which could work to his advantage early in 2018.

17: Jared Goff

Goff had a tremendous sophomore season that really acted as a rookie season for him. He’s got a very good supporting cast around him both on the field and the sideline. We need to see him repeat his success before he climbs this list.

16: Marcus Mariota 

Maybe it’s been the carousel of offensive coordinators and the constant misuse of his talents that have gotten him hurt, but Mariota hasn’t lived up to the hype. Still a solid quarterback, but needs to take the next step in his career.

15: Dak  Prescott

No doubt Dak is a very good quarterback. However, he’s struggled when there is no running game to lean on and it’s rare for him to have an eye-opening passing game of 400 yards and 4TDS. Dak isn’t a top 10 QB alone but in his offensive system proves he’s legit.

14: Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson played in just 7 games due to a freak accident and was still considered as a rookie of the year candidate. It looks as though the Texans have found a franchise QB. Watson is Wilson-esk with elusiveness and smarts.

13: Derek Carr

Carr took a step back last season but has been very consistent in his career. He’s part of a pack from 11 to 15 on this list that could easily finish a top 10 QB in 2018, especially with his WR core and new Coach guiding him.

12: Andrew Luck

Luck has not thrown a football in roughly two years and has never had protection. He’s ranked 12th now due to the fact we need to see him bounce back. When on the field however, Luck is likely a top 8 QB.

11: Kirk Cousins

Say what you want about Cousins, he is a very good QB and leader. With a new opportunity, he may struggle early with a different playbook but should thrive. Some say he’s had hollow numbers but he ranked top-10 in Completion %, yards, and TDs last season.

10: Phillip Rivers

Rivers rounds out our top 10 for the second year in a row. Much like Brees, he continues to get older but the passion hasn’t stopped. It’s a shame Rivers hasn’t been able to contend the way he hoped although he may re-enter the playoffs this season.

9: Cam Newton

Cam became a more efficient passer and a smarter QB in 2017, but statistically mirrored his 2016 season. He’s still very talented and a threat at any time through the air and on the ground.

8: Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben’s best days are clearly behind him. He struggled against good defenses last season even though he has the best RB/WR duo in the league. Still, a very good QB but some of the younger talent has surpassed him at the position.

7: Matt Stafford

Stafford is always tough to rank. He literally carries the Lions on his throwing shoulder on a count of the running back carousel that changes not only year-to-year but week-to-week. But given his increased production and constant 4th quarter comebacks, 7 seems like a good spot

6: Carson Wentz 

If you asked all 31 other teams what Quarterback they would prefer to have for the next 10 years as of right now, you’d find maybe 5 teams that would look elsewhere. Wentz’s leap from year one to an MVP-type year two has him as a top 10 QB and as a borderline Elite QB in this league. Of course, we need to see him bounce back from injury.

5: Matt Ryan

Ryan and the Falcons had a bit of a Super Bowl hangover last year but looked really good at the end of the season. As a former MVP and with great weapons, he rounds out the top 5.

4: Russell Wilson

Wilson has cemented himself as a top-5 Quarterback seeing as though he does more with less every year. Likely the best in the league at extending the play, Wilson is truly a magician.

3: Drew Brees

Drew Brees is the best deep ball passer in the NFL and the numbers show it. It seems each season Brees throws for 5,000 yards and the record book reflects that. Of the nine QBs to throw for 5,000+ yards in a season, Brees has five of them.

2: Aaron Rodgers 

Rodgers had an injury-riddled 2017 season but is top QB when it comes to changing the course of a teams projection. Without him, they are a 6 win team, but with him, the Packers are a final four team every season.

1: Tom Brady

Two Super Bowl appearances in a row and the clear-cut number one QB in the league even though he’ll be another year older. Maybe this is the year he takes a step back, but believe that when you see it.

Which ranking do you disagree with? Let us know by commenting below! Running back, Wide Receiver, and Tight End rankings coming soon.




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