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Carson Wentz’s Trade Value Finalized

Now that the 2018 NFL Draft has concluded, the value of trading up for Carson Wentz in 2016 has finally materialized. The total value of the Eagles trading up from the originally slotted 13th pick all the way to the 2nd pick in the 2016 draft equated to multiple players and a handful of picks. Yet, now we know exactly what that has turned into.

Philadelphia has found their franchise quarterback after Cleveland didn’t believe he could be a top-20 QB in this league and decided to pass up on him for future picks. Looking back on the deal, the Eagles gave up two players and five picks to secure their future at the most valuable position on the field and recouped a first rounder. Below is a break down of what the price ended up being, and what that price turned into:

In hindsight, the Eagles may have found a franchise QB in Deshaun Watson and a few other pieces to add to the puzzle. Nobody could have expected Laremy Tunsil to slide down draft boards and looking back, Daryl Worley just forced his way out of Philadelphia with an altercation with the law on in Mid April. 

In total, the Eagles found an MVP-Caliber Quarterback for the cost of six players. I’m sure they are happy with the decision, especially after Wentz led the team for most of the regular season before capturing their first Super Bowl Victory even though some solid talent could have been acquired in future years. 



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