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Eagles Pick 52 Expectations

At 11:30 Thursday night, the Eagles were on the clock with prospects like Courtland Sutton, Derrius Guice, Ronnie Harrison and Harold Landry still on the board. These are all first-round talented players that were able to fall to the team at 32 and the Eagles had their pick of the litter.  Like many expected, Howie Roseman quickly pulled the trigger to make the trade and move back 20 picks so the Ravens could grab their quarterback of the future.


In a previous article, we showed what the value of the 32nd pick is.  Howie Roseman nailed the value right on the head according to the NFL Draft Value Chart because future picks are worth about half of what they are in the current year.  While the trade wasn’t a steal, the Eagles got everything they could out of that pick.

Expectations for Night Two

With about six players graded as first round talents left, it is feasible for one of them to fall to the 52 slot but unlikely.  The Eagles now have 6 picks for the remaining 6 rounds of the draft and an astonishing 12 picks for next years draft.  With that many picks over the next two years, I would not expect them to move back again at all.  However, if all of the players that the Roseman/Douglas duo have targeted are starting to go, we could be seeing them trade up a couple of slots in order to grab their guy.


Starting at 7 PM tonight, we will see what the Eagles have in mind.  It is safe to say that Howie Roseman  and the Eagles staff will be waiting at #52, watching very carefully to see when and where their guys are going.  Either way, it will be an eventful night in Dallas.




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