If Eagles Played Different Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies hosted batting practice with some Eagles rookies this afternoon that turned out to be quite interesting, especially watching Jordan Mailata take a few swings. The Australian-born (and rugby beast) turn Offensive Lineman finally connected on a few cuts and joked with his fellow rookies at Citizens Bank Ballpark before tonight’s games.

In honor of the fun summer festivities, let’s take a look at a few sports some of the veterans on the roster would play if they weren’t so good at football…

Carson Wentz – Hockey

Wentz grew up surrounded by lakes in North Dakota and with his deke moves behind the line, maybe he could get around someone like Zdeno Chara and snipe one top corner.

Jalen Mills – Baseball


Mills looks like the Odubel Herrera type manning centerfield and flying around the bases with just enough pop to hit some dingers. In fact, Mills is hosting is own softball charity event later this summer in Reading!

Alshon Jeffery – Basketball

Playing “Around TheWorldof_AJ” doesn’t seem like his cup of tea. Jefferey is a competitor with some serious skills. Don’t get in the man’s way or you might get posterized. See below

Brandon Graham – Golf

Golf is a gentleman’s game and there’s no sweeter player off-the-field than Brandon Graham. He’s proven in football that he has the patience and work ethic to master his game and golf can be frustrating. 

Jason Kelce – Bowling

You can see it now: “If I don’t knock down all the pins, I’m F*&%#@$ pissed off!” This gutter mouth probably wouldn’t throw gutter balls, however.

Zach Ertz – Soccer

Now this one is pretty obvious if you know who Ertz is married to, and if you don’t shame on you! His wife Julie has been on the US Women’s national team for quite some time now. Zach must have learned a few skills along the way. 

Jason Peters – Wrestling

“The Human Bodyguard”… is there a better WWE superstar name than that? Jason Peters would dismantle someone like The Big Show back in the day! 

Honorable Mentions:

  • Mack Hollins – Professional Dancer
  • Corey Clement – Baseball
  • Jay Ajayi – Soccer
  • Chris Long – Disc Golf
  • Dallas Goedert – Biking

Hope you enjoyed a not-so-serious topic! Just a reminder that Eagles OTA practices begin tomorrow as the offseason programs begin to gear up. Stay tuned for more to come.



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