Eagles vs. Bills: Week 8 Predictions

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The Eagles head into Buffalo to conclude a three-game road trip which has not treated them kindly thus far. Trying to get back on track, the Eagles take on the Bills and hope to remain in contention for the NFC East. Here are the crew’s predictions for the game:


The Eagles come into this week on a downward spiral. This is a MUST win game. Unfortunately, right now I just don’t see where they have an advantage. A big factor in today’s game is going to be the turnover battle. Josh Allen currently has 7 TD’s and 7 INT’s. This Bills offense on paper doesn’t scare anyone. However, when you match them up against the Eagles. They have an athletic QB, a great slot receiver, a speedy outside guy, and an ascending talent in their TE. Considering how dreadful this Eagles defense has been, I just don’t see a positive outcome. I think Miles Sanders could be a big x-factor in this game. Hopefully, we will be able to see somewhat of a game plan out of the offense instead of another game of catch up. At this point in the season, good teams have established their identities and the Eagles are still searching. If the Eagles go down again we may have to face the music and say this is a bad football team.

Final Prediction: Bills 24, Eagles 20



My prediction record is the same as the Eagles actual record. As you can see, we are both below average.  Speaking of below average, the Eagles defense will be tasked with trying to stop the mediocre Bills offense this week.  Is Josh Allen good? No. Do the Bills have a good offense or passing game? No.  Does any of that matter when you realize they are up against the Eagles defense? No.  I just cannot pick our beloved Birds in any game until I see signs of life or some fight.  These last two games have been beyond awful.  Aside from the defense, the offense has found a way to almost match it from a disappointment level.  The Bills actually have a very good defense so (stop me if you have heard this before) the Eagles cannot afford to fall behind early.  Another week, another prediction where I want the Birds to prove me wrong.  Prove me wrong so Howie can make some moves to help this team at the trade deadline.  Prove me wrong so I can enjoy football again.  Prove me wrong and show some fight!  This is the turning point in the season.  The last game of a three-game road trip that will decide whether this team sinks or swims the rest of the year.  Raise your glass to a Michael Phelps type of performance.

Final Prediction: Bills 24, Eagles 23


Eric Fenstermaker (2-5)

It’s week eight, and I know just about as much about the team as I did week one. The Eagles are a complete mystery to me. On paper, the Eagles have a solid defense, terrific offensive line, a tremendous receiving corps, talented running backs, and a franchise quarterback. So far, this has translated to a 2-5 start. How? I honestly don’t know. The Eagles have multiple blaring holes – including the offensive line and secondary, – and they haven’t done much to change that all season long. Carson Wentz doesn’t have nearly enough time, and even if he gets a pass off, the receivers can’t catch. The offense and defense is struggling big time. I predicted the Bills to shock the Eagles before the season started, but it’s not a shock anymore. I’m going against the Eagles, but I’ll be more than happen to admit I was wrong if they can secure a road win. The Bills look talented, and with a lone loss to the undefeated Patriots, this is going to be brutal for the battered birds.

Final Prediction: Eagles 17, Bills 26



We’re halfway through the season and the Eagles have been a major disappointment thus far, especially from an effort and execution standpoint. This week, they take on a Buffalo team that has gotten off to a great start, albeit against a lot of sub=par QBs. That said, the speed of WR John Brown scares the hell out of me today. The Eagles will need to move the strong linebacking core of the Bills side-to-side with misdirection and using all of the field. Expect the tight ends to be a big factor in the success or failure of the Eagles this week in blocking and catching. Josh Allen might pull it down and run often to move the chains, but I do see his accuracy issues causing two mistakes today. It’ll be a game of field goals.

Final Prediction: Eagles 23, Bills 20


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