Eagles vs. Giants: Week 14 Predictions

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As we head into the final quart of the 2019 NFL season, The Philadelphia Eagles will face off against the New York Giants on Monday Night Football. The NFC East has yet be determined and looking like the laughing-stock of the league. With a win tonight, the Eagles will be in a first-place tie with the Dallas Cowboys once again. Will Eli Manning’s return haunt the Eagles or can they take care of business. Here are the crew’s predictions for the game:


The Eagles are unpredictable; yes, I know you have heard this before. In a game that should have been a slam dunk win, the Eagles gave up 37 points and lost. The offense has sputtered and looked poor recently. Doug Pederson hasn’t embraced the run, and Carson Wentz has struggled to make throws. The receiving corps is weak at best, and, essentially, the best talent to catch the ball is the TE duo of Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert. The Eagles defense looked solid for back-to-back weeks against solid QBs, but then they were sliced and diced by Ryan Fitzpatrick. I don’t know what will happen in this game. The Giants are equally as bad, and they are coming off a bad loss against the Packers. I’ll take the Eagles in this one for one simple reason: Somehow, they still have something to play for.

Final Prediction: Eagles 27, Giants 21



This division is somehow still for the taking if only the Eagles could put together some complete games. In a messy weather game tonight, I expect the Eagles defense to have their eyes solely in the backfield as the focus should be on Saquon Barkley. This series has a lot of history, but the recent history between these two has leaned heavily in Philly’s favor winning 9 of the last 10 matchups. Doug Pederson must out-scheme, out-coach, and out-adjust Pat Shurmur’s Giants tonight in this division rivalry in order to regain the confidence of the fan base. The Wide Receivers are slowly getting healthy and Alshon Jeffery provided the offense with a spark last week. Against another bad defense, I expect Carson to man the offense and handle this game. Eagles defense responds tonight, we see a lot of “Eli face”

Final Prediction: Eagles 30, Giants 17


The Eagles injury report looks a lot like my interest in this team right now.  We are both day-to-day and we will see how it goes the rest of the week.  Look, the Eagles just lost to the Miami Dolphins after blowing a double-digit second-half lead.  That being said, I have no idea how to “predict” what this team is going to do.   I predict that I will tune in to watch this game.  I predict that it will be a sloppy interpretation of professional football.  I predict that the announcers will remind us how terrible the NFC East is every chance they get.  I love the Eagles, but I also hate them.  I hate that I love them so much.  Right now, this is not a healthy relationship.  We need something to get the spark back.  It seems like we have been going through the motions and not connecting on a deeper level.  I want to feel that spark again.  I want this team to make me feel giddy again and the way things used to be.  Let’s get back to just “being us.”  I think the Eagles bounce back in a “GIANT” way so we can bring back that loving feeling.  Let’s make this a December to remember so we can go on a nice pun, I mean, run, to the playoffs.

Final Prediction: Eagles 27, Giants 16


You can catch all the action at 8:20 on ESPN’s Monday Night Football Broadcast and listen to the game live on with Sports Radio 94WIP. Join the conversation on Twitter @BirdsInformer as we live-tweet every game!



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