Eagles vs. Patriots : Week 11 Predictions

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A rematch of Super Bowl 52, only this time Carson Wentz will look to take down Tom Brady and the evil empire. Both teams are coming off a bye week and the Eagles are significantly injured. Can the get the job done? Here are the crew’s predictions for the game:


I think the question coming into this game is who are the Eagles? At this point in the season, they haven’t established an identity on offense. As we well know in their big wins this season they have turned to their strong running game. I do believe that is what we see in this one. I think when all is said and done we could be saying this is the Miles Sanders game. Look at what the Ravens did to this dominant Patriot defense. They rushed 41 times for 210 yards and 3 TD’s. Miles Sanders has really come on after a tough start to the season. He can beat you in the passing game and in the running game. The guy just continues to get better with every touch. Now I know the Eagles could be without leading rusher Jordan Howard. However, they brought back a healthy Jay Ajayi. I know he’s coming off an injury but what he did in his short time with the Eagles can’t be understated. He averaged 5.1 yards per catch and in just 4 starts with the Eagles, he had 592 rushing yards. The Eagles must limit their turnovers in this game. If they win that battle I believe they win this game.

Final Prediction: Eagles 27 , Patriots 21



The bye week for the Philadelphia Eagles could not have come at a better time.  The Birds were banged up and playing sloppy and needed a break.  In true Eagles fashion, the Birds managed to come back from the bye week just as injured as they were before it.  Cre’von LeBlanc and Nigel Bradham are STILL not ready to return to action and Alshon Jeffery has a mysterious ankle injury that could keep him out as well.  The Eagles are playing bad football and are injured at major positions.  All signs point to a Patriots win.  I recently lost my German Shepherd pup, Rocky, to cancer and it hit me pretty hard.  In my mourning, I saw my “underdogs” shirt that resembled her pretty face.  Was this an omen?  Was this a reminder of what happened last time the German Shepherd played a huge role against the Patriots?  My answer was an emphatic YES!  I believe in omens.  I believe you get the most out of people when their backs are against the wall.  This Eagles team is the underdog again, and like the fighting spirit of Rocky (Balboa and my pup), they will come out swinging and give it everything they have.  The underdog mentality is back.  Dare I say “Hold up wait a minute, ya’ll thought we were finished?”

Final Prediction: Eagles 26, Patriots 24



This is the biggest game of Carson Wentz’s career and he goes in with a team limping around him. In order to pull off the win today, the offensive line is going to have to dominate in both the running, and screen game. I expect the Patriots to stack the box and force Wentz to throw to a hindered wide receiver group in order to force a turnover or two. We might even see Stephon Gilmore line up on Zach Ertz. Defensively, it’s all about getting pressure on Brady, who is having the worst season of his career when pressured. Expect Doug Pederson to be aggressive. I thin when it comes down to it, this will be a dog fight with the Eagles falling just short due to the lack of health.

Final Prediction: Eagles 20, Patriots 27



The Eagles have had their share of ups and downs this season. While they have endured tough losses against teams like the Falcons and Lions, the Eagles also have quality wins against teams like the Packers and Bills. The Eagles have plenty of talent on their roster, but they have spent most of the season trying to figure out how to get something out of it. I think this game will be dictated by the run game of Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders. I love Carson Wentz, but I’m not a fan of who he’s tossing to. The Eagles’ defense has to be formidable and strong from the start. If the Eagles aren’t potent for all 60 minutes, they won’t win this game. The Patriots can make some mistakes and emerge victorious; the Eagles can’t. I think the Eagles can hold their own for a while, but not for a full 60 minutes. The Patriots will find some avenue to exploit the Eagles’ defense.

Final Prediction: Eagles 20, Patriots 29


A game we all circled on the calendar, the rematch of Super Bowl 52. The Eagles are dealing with a plethora of injuries, which has led the Birds to bring back Jay Ajayi and Jordan Matthews. That’s not good. The Patriots have been on a role, jetting out to an all too familiar 8-1 record to start the season. Can the Eagles get enough pressure on Tom Brady? Can they beat a stout Patriots defense with retreads? Nope. Even at home, it’s gonna be tough.

Final Prediction: Eagles 17, Patriots 27


You can catch all the action at 4:25 on CBS and listen to the game live on with Sports Radio 94WIP. Join the conversation on Twitter @BirdsInformer as we live-tweet every game!



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