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Eagles vs. Seahawks: Wild Card Preview

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The Eagles secured a huge win against the Giants and will come home to host the Seahawks. The Eagles lost to the Seahawks during their week-12 match-up, but the Eagles will be looking to continue their improbable ways with a victory. Can the Eagles work their playoff magic again, or will “DangeRuss” Wilson find a way to beat the Eagles yet again?  Here’s what to watch for tomorrow:

1 – Injuries galore: Injuries have been a common theme for the Eagles all-season, but they are definitely creeping up on the Seahawks, as well. Both teams will be without key offensive pieces that were available in the first match-up including Rashaad Penny, Chris Carson, and Zach Ertz. This will be a match-up that will display many lesser-known athletes, but these players will make all the difference in the end. Which team can make the most out of practically nothing?

2 – Boston Scott: It’s no secret that the Eagles do much better with a balanced offensive attack, and they will need a potent ground game to secure victory over the Seahawks. It will be interesting to see if the Eagles will have the services of Miles Sanders, and the Eagles will also look to work Jordan Howard back into the offense, too. Regardless, Boston Scott has proved to be a major catalyst. He’s quickly becoming a fan favorite due to his electric play and production in a limited role. Regardless of Sanders and Howard, the role Scott plays should grow after his breakout game against the Giants.

3 – Limit Wilson: Russell Wilson was greatly held in check during the week-12 match-up. Wilson completed only 13 passes for 200 yards. He wasn’t able to have an impact rushing either, as he only ran for 15 yards. Wilson was the front-runner for MVP before Lamar Jackson exploded, and Wilson has proved he can be lethal if given the chance. The Eagles need to emphasize a game-plan that mitigates his strengths and forces him to be a stationary passer.

4 – Wentz wins: Carson Wentz has continued to ignore the critics and has taken a major step forward the last few weeks. Wentz is continuing to have great performances with practice-squad athletes. Wentz is a franchise QB, and he is showing that he can lead a decimated team to the playoffs. The Eagles need #11 to step up huge against the Seahawks – as this will be his biggest test yet – but Wentz seems to have a formula ready, even without key elements.

5 – Why: The Eagles have been ridiculed and jeered at all-season long. Whether it be for embarrassing losses or for just a weak division, the Eagles have dealt with plenty of outside distractions. Yet, the Eagles open the week with the closest line of just +1.5. Why? Simply put, the Eagles have nothing to lose. They have lost so much, yet they are still here. They have abysmal losses, yet they are still here. They have practically no receivers, yet they are still here. The Eagles are the one team I don’t want to see in the postseason. Also, don’t they also love being underdogs? That sounds familiar…

Tune in to NBC at 4:40… You can also follow the action and join the conversation as we live tweet on Twitter:  @BirdsInformer during the game.



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