Eagles vs. Seahawks: Week 12 Predictions

The Seattle Seahawks come to town today with NFL MVP favorite Russell Wilson and quite a few guys the Eagles could have added to their roster throughout the season (Clowney, Metcalf, and Josh Gordon). With the season winding down and playoff hopes on the line, here are the crew’s predictions for the game:


The Eagles jumped out to an early, impressive lead on the Patriots, but they couldn’t hold on to it. The Eagles defense has been a scapegoat all season long, but they showed great progress against the Patriots. They held Tom Brady under 225 yards passing, and they kept the Eagles in the game. Russell Wilson will look to rip apart the Eagles’ secondary, and he should have enough weapons to do it. The Seahawks are solid on both offense and defense, and they have proved they are consistently potent. The Eagles run game has been hit or miss, and the receiving corps has wildly underwhelmed. Injuries will plague the Eagles’ progress as well. I think the Eagles will have a better performance than against the Patriots, but, sadly, it won’t be enough.

Final Prediction: Eagles 23, Seahawks 29



I promise you can stop reading this prediction when you come across something that surprises you as an Eagles fan. The Eagles are extremely injured and without several key starters on offense.  The Eagles are coming off a game where they had several opportunities to win and just could not put it all together.  The Eagles continue to drop the ball in critical situations that end up costing them games.  Are you still reading? Today, the Birds take on the Seahawks and leading MVP Candidate Russell Wilson.  The Birds have never beaten Wilson since he has been in the league.  Let me know when you start feeling optimistic about this one.  This has disaster written all over it.  The Eagles have depleted receiving options, are missing key starters on offense, and battling against one of NFC’s hottest teams and an MVP candidate.  Sounds bad right?   What is shocking is that despite ALL of that, the Eagles are somehow one-point favorites.   Does Vegas know something we don’t? We can only pray that they do.  Convince me Vegas, because these eyes just don’t see how that can be possible today.

Final Prediction: Eagles 20, Seahawks 24



This game is shaping up to look like a disaster for the Eagles. They’ve battled health issues all season and have had pieced together starting lineups all season. This week, Andre Dillard is my focus, playing on the opposite side of the line against one of the league’s best in Jadeveon Clowney. He’ll have to protect Carson Wentz who will be throwing to a WR crew that frankly looks like they should be on the practice squad of the worst teams in the league. The only way to win today is a defensive or special teams touchdown combined with a clean, non-turnover game on offense. I’d like to see Miles Sanders get 20 carries today and Move Wentz around behind the line. Wilson and Company are simply the better team.

Final Prediction: Eagles 16, Seahawks 24



The Eagles face off against the Seattle Seahawks in a crappy weather game today at the Linc. Philly will be shorthanded yet again having to go to battle without Alshon Jeffery, Nelson Agholor, Lane Johnson and Jordan Howard, which does not bode well for the already struggling offense. Expect the defense to play well but the offense to look like the same one we saw last week. Doug Pederson needs to stick to the run and capitalize when they have a short field.

Final Prediction: Eagles 10, Seahawks 20

You can catch all the action at 1pm on FOX NFL Sunday and listen to the game live on with Sports Radio 94WIP. Join the conversation on Twitter @BirdsInformer as we live-tweet every game!



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