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Likes/Dislikes Week Four


The first three weeks of the season were close ones for the Eagles and week four was no different.  Former second-overall pick, Marcus Mariota was able to march down the field in overtime, converting multiple fourth downs and steal a win away from the Eagles, 26-23. Here are our likes and dislikes from week four:


Alshon Jeffery Returns- It’s not very often that you see a player return from injury and make a big impact but Alshon Jeffery did just that.  Bringing in eight catches for 105 yards and a beautiful touchdown, outmuscling a Titan’s defensive back, Jeffery looked as though he had never even gotten injured.  This will be huge for Carson Wentz and the Eagles offense going forward as it gives him an outside presence that they had been lacking during the first three weeks.

Impenetrable Run Defense- The number one ranked run defense belongs to the Eagles right now as they have been completely impenetrable through the first four weeks.  This week against the Titans they allowed just 24 yards on 12 carries to the running backs and holding Dion Lewis to 0 yards on his four carries.  This has been the strongest part of the Eagles game so far and don’t expect them to let up with a stacked defensive line and a linebacking core full of run-stoppers.

Malcolm Jenkins- The leader for the Eagles defense was all over the place on Sunday, making plays in all facets of the game.  It almost seemed like he was covering every Titan himself in overtime.  Jenkins stepped even bigger than usual knowing that his running mate, Rodney McLeod, is out for the rest of the season and while it wasn’t enough, it shows that the Eagles might be able to shift some things around internally in order to find a solution for their secondary.


Eagles Secondary- Outside of Jenkins who was mentioned in the section above, the Eagle’s secondary was picked apart over and over again in week four.  Even with a poor performance during the majority of the game, they just had to put it together on the last drive.  Three fourth-down conversions and a game-winning, third down touchdown later and the Eagles are 2-2.  Jim Schwartz and Doug Pederson will need to find a fix to this issue this week as they are about to go up against a very potent Minnesota Viking’s pass attack.

Play Calling- This starts with the head coach and ends with the quarterback.  The Titan’s defense constantly brought the blitz against the Eagles and it was too much for the offensive line to handle.  Seeing this, you would think that Doug Pederson would’ve changed his play calling up and opted for quick passes but this never happened.  Carson Wentz has been heralded since his first start for his pre-snap reads and audibles at the line but this week he also did not seem prepared for the heat that Tennesee was bringing.  The Eagles got away from what they did so well last season with quick slants, screen passes, and running the ball this week and Carson Wentz got hit 11 times because of it.

Dropped Passes- We all thought that the dropped passes of 2016 were past us but they could be back now.  Agholar alone had 3 drops as well as a couple from Ertz and Matthews.  Successful, winning teams do not drop passes and as we all know, this is one of the most aggravating things to watch as a fan.  Let’s just hope this was a  fluke of a game and Nelson Agholar, in particular, can bounce back to the confident slot receiver we’ve seen over the past two seasons.

Watch the Eagles try and get back over .500 this week as they come home to play the Minnesota Vikings at Lincoln Financial Field.  Check out the Birds Informer Podcast for recaps, previews, and answers to any questions that you have! We’ll be live on Facebook at 7:15 pm on Wednesday.



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