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An Eagle Could Be Madden 19 Cover Athlete

There has not been an Eagles player on the cover of the hottest selling sports video game in history since Madden ’06 when Donovan McNabb was the chosen cover athlete. Yet after winning the Super Bowl, there are high odds that an Eagle could once again own that claim and it’s not who you’d think. 

According to, Madden is considering Nick Foles and Jay Ajayi as 2 of the top 10 players to be voted as the 2019 Madden Cover Athlete. Both Foles(4th) and Ajayi(1st) are a top 5 selection this year. To see the full list of the top 10 candidates, click the link above. Below are the reasons why Foles and Ajayi would be considered according to Games Radar: 

“From the roster bubble to Super Bowl MVP: Foles’ fairytale story is a glorious one, and gives him a very credible shot at this year’s Madden cover. The key issue counting against him is that he’s likely to start the season on the bench, with Philadelphia committed to starting franchise QB Carson Wentz on his return from long-term injury – and EA is unlikely to risk putting a guy on the box who may not play a single snap across the 2018 campaign.”

“We’re predicting a Madden 19 cover for Ajayi for multiple reasons. Unlike Foles, he’s a guaranteed starter for the reigning Super Bowl Champions, and at running back, a position with an illustrious history of Madden cover stars. He’s still a relatively fresh face in Philly, having started last year on the Miami Dolphins roster and been acquired mid-season, which in turn would make the game feel contemporary ahead of a new campaign. 

The London-born Arsenal fan has also done ambassadorial work for EA in the past, being interviewed for GR ahead of Madden 17, and his coronation as the first British Madden cover athlete would unquestionably make for a positive news headline, at a time when the NFL is bigger than it’s ever been in the UK. And what games publisher doesn’t like a positive news headline?”

This is far from the obvious choice in Carson Wentz who put together a stellar sophomore season that was cut short due to injury. Even still, he was the leading MVP Candidate and considered for multiple year-end offensive awards after breaking the franchise’s all-time single-season touchdown record (33). Even more, Ajayi is on the final year of his rookie contract and could possibly be moving on from Philadelphia at the end of the season.

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