Risk/Reward: A look at Carson Wentz’s Contract Situation

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On April 28th, 2016, the Philadelphia Eagles selected Carson Wentz with the 2nd overall pick becoming the second quarterback in Eagles history to be selected with the #2 overall pick (Donovan McNabb in 1999). At the time, the Eagles dealt two first-round picks, a second-round pick, a third-round pick, and a fourth-round pick for their future franchise Quarterback. After many winning seasons and the Eagles’ first Super Bowl victory, the time has come to discuss Wentz’s future contract.

Despite the past two seasons ending abruptly due to injury for Wentz, he will still command a very high salary. Now that the “Wentz vs. Foles” debate that divided some fans is  a moot point, this contract situation is still tricky for many reasons:

Wentz’s payday would be a simple problem if it weren’t for the injuries. A season-ending ACL injury in his second year and a stress fracture in his back last season have people on a national level questioning his durability. The quarterback is the most critical piece in football – driving the entire offense, and acting as the vocal leader in the locker room. However, he also is the target of many brutal blows by the defender over the course of the season. With that said, Wentz proved that he can and will continue to improve.

We all know the track record: A solid rookie season topped off by an MVP caliber season before the roller coaster ride of last season. Yet perhaps the best part of what Carson Wentz is currently, is the fact that he will be entering just his fourth season; his maturity and leadership (which are already both high) will continue to evolve and grow.

Driven by his passion to serve and help others, Wentz’s positive energy and work ethic rubs off on the rest of the team and the leadership of the organization thinks very highly of him as well. 

Life is unpredictable; it’s all about taking risks. Wentz, in some ways, is a risk. The injuries that he has suffered are nasty ones, and they could come back to haunt him someday. The sport of football is dangerous and violent- it’s a tradeoff with the exhilaration and joy of success. Paying a huge salary to Wentz is a risk. However, the Eagles need to take it.

This past offseason has proven that the Eagles are “all in” on Wentz after the organization drafted OL Andre Dillard to strengthen the line and bringing back Stefen Wisnieski after adding two great running backs in Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders, to take the pressure off Wentz and feed into his best attribute – the play action pass.

After picking up Wentz’s fifth-year option at the end of the April, the question is, what might the new contract look like as they prepare to work out a deal over the summer?

Utilizing this chart from, I think it is a fair assessment given where he is at in his career right now to say that Wentz deserves more than 25 million per year but should not be the highest paid quarterback in the league. Wentz should see 26-30 million on his new deal which wouldn’t put the Eagles in too much of a bind, and it fairly compensates Wentz for his past successes and future endeavors. 

Wentz is a major part of the Eagles lone Super Bowl victory. Despite never playing in the game, Wentz helped lead the team to a tremendous regular season that placed them in the driver’s seat going into the playoffs. He is a leader on and off the field, and he is likely the best asset on a star-studded team moving forward. Wentz deserves a nice payday on his next contract, and this is my best estimate on what they should do going forward. Regardless of the final number, I believe Wentz will be well worth it in the end.



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