Tyler Edgerton – Manager and Content Editor

Tyler Edgerton has been covering sports in Philadelphia for close to 8 years through various forms of media. Passionate about journalism, podcasting, and social media, he joins a team of like-minded and life-long Philadelphians continuing to develop The Birds Informer. Tyler is a 2018 graduate of Kutztown University with a degree in Sports Management and minor in Communications. You can follow Tyler on Twitter: @TEDGE23

Joe Fabiani – Content Producer

Joe joins The Birds Informer after 3.5 years contributing to a former blog. Holding a degree in Communication Studies, he spends most of his time focusing on the audio side of content, collecting statistics and analyzing information for the next podcast episode. Well versed in breaking down the numbers, he takes pride in building up the next matchup for the Birds over the microphone. You can follow Joe on Twitter: @jfabs12

Alex Whitney – Content Producer

Alex is a 2015 graduate of Temple University and joins The Birds Informer after being a content writer and podcast co-host elsewhere for almost 4 years. The avid Philadelphia sports fan’s knowledge goes beyond football as well. Alex is best known for diving beneath the surface of a Sunday kickoff, analyzing pre and post-game information and studying rosters. You can follow Alex on Twitter: @AWhitney23

Kevin Means – Content Producer

Just like his twitter bio, Kevin means business. After co-founding his own Philadelphia Sports site roughly three years ago, Kevin joins The Birds Informer as the lead writer for draft analysis and podcast co-host. With a clear passion for producing quality content, Kevin enjoys doing his homework on prospects as much as he enjoys writing about them and other topics of interest. You can follow Kevin on Twitter: @kevin_means

Eric Fenstermaker – Site Writer

Eric is currently studying Broadcast Journalism at Penn State University and comes to The Birds Informer looking to help build our brand by reporting on the day-to-day team news. A resident of Northampton, PA, Eric has been a life-long Philadelphia sports fan and is eager for an opportunity to learn more about sports media and writing. You can follow Eric on Twitter: @EricSFensty


Joey Kapusta – Site Writer

Joey was born in Wilmington, Delaware and joins The Birds Informer this season! He is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and has his bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies.  Joey has industry experience writing previously for and covering different football and draft content. He has a passion for the game of football and brings a knowledge of X’s and O’s from his playing days in minor league football. He enjoys talking all things related to the Eagles. You can follow Joey on Twitter: @scootermcgilli1

Jacob Rubenstein – Social Media Rep

Jake comes to The Birds Informer looking to help build our social media presence. Although a native of Los Angeles, he has family roots from Philadelphia and South Jersey who influenced him into the Philly Sports lifestyle. Jake has been an Eagles content creator on various social media projects for 4 years, working his way up to averaging more than 500,000 impressions per month. You can follow him on Twitter: @CorePhilly


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