Who is the Next Corey Clement?

This time last season, Corey Clement was brought onto the roster as an undrafted free agent.  With little expectations and close to no room in the backfield, he was expected to be cut before the pre-season was finished.  Even with the small chance of him making the 53-man roster, he managed to capitalize on every opportunity he had before opening day.  This made it impossible for Howie Roseman to cut him and when it came time, the Eagles gave him his roster spot.  Throughout the season, Doug Pederson gave him more and more chances and Clement never looked back.  He became part of the three-headed monster that became crucial during the Eagle’s Super Bowl run.  

Undrafted free agents are very rarely impactful players in the NFL but it does happen from time to time.  Is there an undrafted free agent that could make an impact for the Eagles again this year though?  Howie Roseman and Joe Douglas made many signings immediately after the draft but there is one that stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

Josh Adams

Like Corey Clement, Josh Adams is another running back that is local to the Philadelphia Area.  After receiving offers from many local universities, Adams chose to move out to South Bend, Indiana and attend Notre Dame.  Running behind the top two offensive linemen selected in this year’s draft, he was able to burst through holes without hesitation for giant chunks of yards.  With runs of 70+ yards in each of his three seasons, Adams has shown that he possesses the straight-line speed to blow past defenders in the open field.  Tight hips will limit his ability to bounce outside and change directions which will likely stop him from ever becoming a workhorse running back.

With LeGarrette Blount gone, there are 202 carries that need to be split up between the running backs.  While Sproles will be back and both Clement and Ajayi are expecting to get an increased workload, there will still be carries leftover.  Josh Adams has the size and speed to come in and break off big runs as well as handle some goal-line work in place of Blount this season.  If a running back goes down, he could be given the opportunity for much more.



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